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Introducing Mohaseb2000

Mohaseb2000 is a new civil engineering software development program that has been designed by Mahmoud Mahmoudi and added to its capabilities day by day. In fact, one of the most important features of this software is the strong support of other software in the market. In the second place, dear engineers can communicate with the designer and the developer with their comments and suggestions about the program to be used, if possible, in future updates.


Mohaseb2000 is also programmed to be able to draw structural details of Steel structures, concrete and foundations, and no longer requires any software for each structure, and all of them in a software package. Now that version 12 of this software is provided, the details of the concrete structures and foundation have been completed. In the Steel section, the program's pre-requisites have also been put in place, and will soon be available for further updates to this phase, and will be available for use by deactivated engineers.

Basics of Mohaseb2000 Activation

Mohaseb2000 is planned in such a way that it can be activated according to the requirements of the engineers in each area and the maximum stories required, in 4 bases, of which three main bases are as follows :


Base 1 Mohaseb2000

At this level there is no limit to the number of stories, but some professional program modules are inactive

Base 2 Mohaseb2000

Basic constraint 2: Draw up structures of up to 10 stories

Base 3 Mohaseb2000

Basic constraint 2: Draw up structures of up to 5 stories

Support and Services Mohaseb2000

All engineers with the purchase of Mohaseb2000 Software benefit from the following services:

Mohaseb2000 is developing and progressing and its features and abilities are added every day and its purchase is a kind of investment for the future.

Free Updates Mohaseb2000

Special Discounts to Improve Basis Mohaseb2000

Online & offline support

Services that will be considered during program progress

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In the concrete phase, the Mohaseb2000 can map out the details of the columns, the planing plan, the drawing plan, the details of the beams, the details of the wall of the shear in both the conventional and advanced modes, also the presentation of the Listopher tables.
Initial connections are detected and typed using the Mohaseb2000 software, and the user must control each one and change its parameters to achieve the desired result. After designing the connections, fully dimensioned, the 3D and two-dimensional details of the connections can be output.
for analyzing, designing, controlling and calculating the punch in Safe software, a special algorithm is proposed by the engineers supporting the Mohaseb2000 software, which, in its view, is the best and most complete method and is also used to plot the slices and shear bars.
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